About us

Legacy Wealth Partners is a boutique private wealth management firm managed by the owners of the business. You can expect ownership, accountability and continuity. We are not part of any banking or financial institutions. We provide highly personalised financial advice.

Most of us spend much effort in trying to achieve two main things in life. In doing so we encounter ongoing frustrations and setbacks. It can also quite often be an emotional rollercoaster. I am talking about Financial Independence and a Lifestyle we desire for ourselves and our families. We all want a certain lifestyle for ourselves. It could be a jet setting one where you can travel as often and for as long as you desire, knowing you can afford it. Or you may want to help the less fortunate as a champion for a charity cause. Financial independence allows us to have a peace of mind. Being debt free and knowing we can afford the desired level of healthcare when we retire are just some examples.

The cycle of wealth

The cycle of wealth - where are you now?

Whether you have successfully created wealth or are responsible for its prudent management, the continued growth of your wealth in order to meet your financial needs and goals is of paramount importance. In growing your wealth you must also preserve your wealth. Preservation of wealth can be more challenging than it appears. Just remind yourselves about the three generations pitfall we too often hear about.

Finally, as your legacy, you want to transfer your wealth to your loved ones and those you care deeply about.

At Legacy, we understand the cycle of wealth and the positive difference we can make working with you, as your partners in success.